NEWVA Regional Poll

2019 NEWVA and NCAA Regional Poll Schedule

NEWVA Poll #1 - September 12, 2019
NEWVA Poll #2 - September 17, 2019
NEWVA Poll #3 - September 24, 2019
NEWVA Poll #4 - October 1, 2019

NEWVA Poll Criteria

NEWVA's Regional Poll is conducted by the NEWVA Poll Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from each of the conferences in New England. The poll is based up all results through the previous Sunday. In order for a team to be eligible, the team's coach must be a paid and registered member of NEWVA. The top 15 teams are selected based upon:

1. MUST be a NEWVA Member - Dues must have been paid for the 2016 season. The NEWVA Poll Chair will update Poll Committee Representatives as to additions each week.

2.  .500 Record or Better - To be considered for the NEWVA Poll, a team must have at least a .500 record.

3.  Strength of Schedule – Those programs that are playing a more competitive schedule (schedules with ranked teams/playing teams formerly ranked). More consideration will be given for teams who post wins over opponents who have been ranked in the NEWVA Poll two times or more or in the AVCA Poll.

3.  Head to Head Competition

4.  Record vs. Common Opponents – Comparing wins and losses of teams who have played vs. common opponents

* The NEWVA Regional Poll is not connected with the NCAA's Regional Poll or the AVCA National Poll. All of these polls use different criteria and are voted on by different committees. Accordingly, rankings may not be consistent from one poll to another.

NEWVA Poll History